Friday, October 31, 2014

Why Nokia is Not Using Android?

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The main concern and question on every Nokia fan today is why Nokia is not using Androidor why there is no Nokia phone with Android OS?
There may be many reasons behind it, some being top business secrets which may remain a secret for a long long time.

Below are some of the most obvious reasons for Nokia not using Android software:
  1. Nokia had its own OS: Nokia had its own operating system i.e Symbian which flopped over the years due to many reasons, the main being compatibility on different models. Nokia tried with many other versions of symbian like symbian Belle, Anna, etc but failed completely. All the applications and games needed to be developed separately for each and every model. Obviously, Nokia wasted a lot of time in developing a failed OS.
  2. Shift to Windows: Nokia had tied up with Microsoft for using windows OS. Nokia had expected itself to succeed with it and compete well. Nokia never thought itself to fail so miserably using Windows. Nokia tried and is still trying aggressively to succeed with Windows. Nokia says it doesn’t need an android phone to come to top.
  3. Tie-up with Microsoft: There is a business contract signed between Nokia and Microsoft that may be restricting Nokia from using Android. Microsoft had invested a huge amount in Nokia, the deal being a long-term partnership contract.
  4. Fast growth of Android: No one had expected Android to grow so fast. Nokia and everybody else may have thought Windows to compete equally to android. Had windows succeeded, Nokia would have surely held on to its old position. Everyone would have asked reverse i.e Why Samsung is not using Windows OS?!!

There may be many more reasons behind it which are still unknown. Anyway, who knows, Nokia may launch an android cell phone in the near future. It is still a possibility. There are still hordes of Nokia fans remaining all over the world. One thing is for sure, the day Nokia launches an android, it will sell like hot cakes.

To remind everybody, Nokia is one of the best mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Until 4 years back, it was the largest mobile handset manufacturer in the world. It held this record of the largest handset manufacturer for more than 10 years.

Disclaimer: This article is for reference purpose only. The information provided above may not be fully accurate. So please verify the details at the official websites of Nokia and Microsoft.

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